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Walkie Stacker

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Product Feature

    • The electronic power steering system, light, and low noise.


    • Two-way magnetic valve, three drop speed mode. AC Driving system, No carbon brush, maintenance-free.


    • Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system. Lifting, reach the regenerative limit motor and battery life.


    • Equipped with a double oil cylinder, the fork tilt more smoothly.


    • Standard moonwalk. Handle at any angle; the vehicle goes straight.


    • Curve automatic deceleration devices, safer.


    • Stepless speed control system, safe and quiet.


    • Emergency reversing device/ Emergency brake switch.


    High position automatic reduction device.

The main parameter

Model CQDH14-850
Type Reach(Tilt,Side shifter)
Mast type Standard 3-stage
Loading capacity lbs 3000
Load center in 24.00
Operating type Walkie
Wheels type PU
lift height in 137.8/149.6/157.5/165.4/177.2/196.9/316.5
Max. extend height in 185.4/197.2/205.1/224.8/244.5/264.6
Mast lowered height in 75.4/79.3/81.9/88.5/95.1/101.7
Overall length in 87.6
Overall width in 56.3
Min. Turning radius in 61.6
Min. Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 in 91.1
Travel speed,laden/unladed mph 2.2/2.5
Lift speed,laden/unladed in/s 25.6/29.5
Driving motor/Lift motor/Steering motor hp AC1.5/DC3.0/DC0.15
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 24/345
Controller ZAPI
Battery weight lbs 656.0
Service weight with battery lbs 5051.0
Reach distance in 0-21.7


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