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Forklift Sales

When you visit Rough Country Equipment LLC, you will find our one-stop shop for forklift sales and maintenance service to be unparalleled. From electric forklift rentals to propane forklift and diesel powered, you are sure to find all that you need right here!

Our forklift dealer supplies a variety of forklifts for you to choose from. This way, you are able to obtain the most convenient, cost effective and reliable machinery for your projects. Even after your purchase, our services are here for you to ensure that your equipment remains up to par. Forklift repairs can turn into complex projects and that last thing you want to do is rely on mediocre workmanship. With us, you can feel confident that we’ll repair and maintain your forklift to sustain full working order. From scheduled forklift maintenance to a vast display of forklift sales, rentals and parts we are here for all of your forklift and material handling needs needs!

Located in Edmonton, KY contact us today to get the best services in the forklift industry from your Viper forklift dealer

Equipment Services

Rough Country Equipment LLC is an excellent source for equipment services on your industrial vehicles. We utilize state of the art technology to ensure that all your forklifts are up to good working order and safe for your environment and employee’s.

We take pride in our service. We make sure to inform of you of the status of your repair at all times. Communication is key for us and keeping you up to date is always a priority. We know that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products and service. We marry form and function together for innovate and durable parts that you can always depend on.

For an industrial equipment service technician, contact Rough Country Equipment LLC in Edmonton, KY today!

Equipment Rentals

Is your company a little short-handed on its equipment at the current moment? It’s not uncommon to have this happen; sometimes it seems like whenever you need your equipment most is when it needs to go to the shop for a day or two. Thankfully, we offer equipment rentals to take their place while they’re gone.

At Rough Country Equipment LLC, we strive to give you the best quality equipment. We’re able to help out on your next commercial or residential home project. We offer a variety of attachments for said equipment. This will allow you to rent all in one place and not have to worry about getting separate parts from different agencies. We can also offer equipment deliveries and pick-ups. This will allow you to feel safe about your equipment making it across the city or state.

You can count on us to get the top-quality equipment you need. Contact Rough Country Equipment LLC in Edmonton, KY to learn more about our services.

Equipment Parts

Rough Country Equipment LLC has state-of-the-art equipment for your residential or commercial project, but what sets us apart from the competition is the quality of our parts. Our design and machining skills enables us to complete any project within budget and on time by your deadline, not ours.

We specialize in a variety of equipment parts you need, which are durable, flexible, and reliable. Our stock of special screws can fit any specialized machinery service needed. We provide a variety of straight, metric, and many other forms of thread rolls. If you are looking for custom metal designs, we can anodize any parts you wish. Our machinery parts are put together with a combination of durable substances like Neoprene, Urethane, EPDM, and Silicone. These equipment parts allow expansion and contraction in a wide range of temperatures, allowing us to sell you only the highest quality of parts which can withstand the rigors of even the toughest work day.

If you’re looking for equipment parts rental services in Edmonton, KY, contact Rough Country Equipment LLC today.

Equipment Hauling

With great vehicles and tools at our disposal, we are ready to aid with all of your heavy equipment hauling needs. We take pride in our ability to deliver amazing long distance hauling services. To transport such heavy equipment requires power and endurance. Our machines can handle anything you throw at us. We make sure that our vehicles are well-maintained and ready for action. We have the equipment you need for all of your residential and commercial projects, and the hauling needed to get it back and forth from your property.

We finish the job and make the delivery on time, every time. We are dedicated to customer service and your complete satisfaction. This means keeping you informed of the latest developments and meeting your timetables. We never compromise our cargo, and we secure it as much as possible.

For heavy equipment hauling, contact Rough Country Equipment LLC in Edmonton, KY today!

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